Wednesday, 5 December 2012

.....Pulling a Pine at Arne Nature Reserve

On saturday my flatmate and I woke up fairly early, excited about pulling our very own Christmas tree at Arne Nature Reserve. It was a stunning morning and we played xmas songs all the way through the country roads of Wareham, along the never ending  Nutcracker road.

It was so much fun! I am always taken aback by the beauty of the south coast, it feels like at times I am walking out of a film, and this saturday I definitely felt that this was a film scene from a typical xmas movie. Kids wrapped up in hats and scarves giggling and laughing amongst the pines, choosing trees for their bedrooms. The smell of venison burgers wafted in the air. We were laughed at for out tiny saws and realised when we arrived that something more heavy duty was needed.

Lots of friends thought that we had just helped ourselves, but Arne nature reserve hold this event every year. Pulling the young pine seedlings helps conserve the heathland that would become taken over. The night Jars like this area of the reserve particularly and I was told that they like to lie flat on their bellies on the wide branches and call out their funny shrill calls.

We were very pleased with our tree, and went to lots of effort cutting it down, forth time lucky we struck gold with a large pine! But made a classic error driving home much to on lookers amusement with it against the wind,  but its chunky needles luckily  held out. It now takes pride of place in our living room.

It really feels like xmas now! Bring on the decorating and mulled wine!

Gem x

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