Tuesday, 4 December 2012

...wishing Gem a Happy Birthday!

Someone is celebrating the big 3-0 today!
As some of you know, Gem and I work together. I asked our colleagues to list some things they love about her for this special post; 30 things we love about Gem!
Here they are!

  1. Her smile
  2. Her sunny attitude
  3. Her willingness to help - nothing is any trouble
  4. Her style
  5. Her mischievous sense of humour
  6. Her drawings
  7. Sense of unruffled calm
  8. Sense of humour bubbles up irresistibly especially when things get tough
  9. Great kindness, like inviting me to follow her when I didn't know the route
  10. Enthusiasm for crafts, so I don't feel quite such an old biddy crocheting!
  11. Delight in bargains and recycled clothes
  12. and of course, divine rocky road- and plenty of it!
  13. She is the colour yellow: bright, sunny, joyful
  14. Warm
  15. Caring
  16. Her love of Lidl and Aldi!
  17. Her pottery-I love those little creatures!
  18. Always cheerful
  19. Wacky clothes
  20. Generous
  21. A true friend
  22. She has a fantastic eye for treasure-like a magpie!
  23. She’s really funny
  24. Her wicked chuckle
  25. Really creative
  26. Her knitting projects that go on for ever!
  27. Always willing to help even if she’s really busy
  28. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her cross!
  29. Her boundless enthusiasm and joyful spirit!
  30. She really loves her family.

Happy Birthday Gem! Love from us all x x x

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