Friday, 28 December 2012

...spending Christmas morning at the beach hut

As I sit here and type, the house feels really quiet. All of our Christmas guests are gone now and we have the house to ourselves. A part of me feels a little sad-I always do after Christmas-but it is also nice for things to return to some sort of normality. The husband and I are planning an evening of TV watching and drinking mulled wine (just because Christmas is over doesn't mean that drinking mulled wine is-we plan on keeping this indulgence going until Spring). I cant wait!
Christmas this year was one of the best. I know I probably say that every year, but it really was! The little guy really got it, and was just thrilled at the sight of trees, lights, cribs and of course Father Christmas. The men in my family cooked up an absolute storm-hands down one of the most delicious Christmas dinners ever.
On Christmas morning we all met my parents, brothers, sister in law, nephew, aunts and uncles down at the beach hut. We drank Prosecco and nibbled on home made sausage rolls. We played with our new toys and just hung out by the sea. It was perfect. See snaps below!

Oh, and we also got some amazing gifts this year-I will do a separate post on that. And yes, I did manage to finish the teepee just in time and it was a hit! Result!
Hope you and yours had a merry little Christmas.
Maria x

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