Friday, 7 December 2012

..... searching for presents for friends & little people oh and maybe a few self gifts!

Christmas day is sneaking upon us, Xmas trees are popping up glowing from
peoples front rooms. I have waves off happiness then a tide of  complete panic about buying presents,
this week I've started the snow ball rolling. My wish list this month are a mix of wishes for self gifts
and a few gorgeous items I am going to purchase for friends and little pips. 

1. I have ordered this Recesky DIYcamera for xmas day building,
 my brother is going to love helping me build this! It will be like our lego days! 
2. I would love this book - But I think it would be more loved by best friends little two year old
3. I would love this little chap on my desk - Thank god I don't live near an Anthropologie!
4. Couldn't resist this little fella from skippy hop creatures - I think he will have to stay on my wishlist
5. Foxy necklace - It's all about foxes this month
6. Might have to wait and see if I can find this cardy in the Xmas sales,will let you know if I get lucky! 
 Happy Xmas Shopping! 
Gem x

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