Monday, 4 February 2013

.... corners of my childhood home

So this weekend I spent at my folks, in a sleepy village on the edge of the river Avon, between Bristol and Bath. It got me thinking how different your house seems to you once you have moved out and grown up. That once very familiar stamping ground, now feels very much my mum and dads house. But I love going home! There is always a warm welcome, an excited fat Dacshund and the unmeasurable love of my folks.

This little nook is the only evidence left of my teen/ childhood, 
I like to think mum & dad have left a shrine to their favourite daughter (hahaaa) 
Can't bring myself to throw away my old VHS tv records of tremors and the like! 

I love this little pile of essential bits and bobs, a little gong, an odd bone (Dads like me
a collector for interesting things) mum and dads gloves, Bino's for the Birdies, Sculptor Tools 
and mums secateurs - For the frequent  fallen rose!!

Faded family photos scatter the house - These are off holidays in Pembrokeshire, I'm looking sad on the left as I don't want to leave Angle Farm (great holidays) 80's fashion!!! C&A!!

Mums amazing welsh Dresser (Dads Owl Sculptors)

Big Owl - Twitawooo

 I hope I have a dining room like this one day!

I wonder where I get my magpie collectors habit from...

I hope you all had  a lovely weekend!

Gem x

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