Saturday, 2 February 2013

....... making and eating Marmalade

On the way home from London on Sunday already thinking about being back near the sea. I stumbled upon Nigel Slaters easy Marmalade Recipe. So I made it my orangey mission to make my own batch this week. And on Thursday eve I did just that. As predicted it really did get messy and sticky. But I really enjoyed it and it made our house smell delicious. The cooking experience was helped along by drinking mulled wine with my housemate. In the end I used the recipe on the back of the Seville Oranges I bought in Waitrose, as the recipe was even easier to follow.

This is what you will need for your Paddington Bear Jam

2 Litres of Boiling Water
1 Kg Seville Oranges
1 organic Lemon
2 Kg of preserve sugar

Muslin Square - To put pith and pips in to flavour the marmalade
Heavy Bottom Pan
Mulled Wine (to help you with all the squeezing and pithing)

 Marmalade station at the ready

 Cut and Juice all your fruit add Juice to pan of water - put pips in a bowl

Put in pips and pith in muslin and tie it up 

Put in pan

Pan was a little full - Had to empty some water

 chop skin into little Marmalade bits

Bubble away for 1.5 hours - 2 hours until the fruit is really soft

Take out muslin bag and squeeze out the juice 

Carefully add sugar and stir until melted - Boil fast and furious for  15 -20 mins - Eeeek this is the messy bit! 

After 15 mins, take a spoonful off your bubbling orange sugar into a bowl, if after a few seconds it
wrinkles when you press it - It is ready to decant into jars.

Decant your yummy Marmalade into your sterilised Jars right to the top, I didn't have enough to fill one Jar, so I will eat this one first! 

 Make Pretty with spare scraps of material
 Share your home made Marmalade love with friends and Family

At home with my folks, enjoying a lazy Saturday Breakfast!  (Finger licking good, Dad!) x

It went down a treat!

I'm going to enjoy sharing and eating my Marmalade over the winter
It wasn't to difficult and worth the hard work of pithing and Juicing!

Have a great weekend!

Gem x

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