Thursday, 7 February 2013

...dreaming of pretty things; Maria's February wishlist!

Life is pretty sweet at the moment-but these things would make it that little bit sweeter!

1. 'Love You Like No Otter' cushion from Hetty and Dave. I have a few pieces by this talented lady, and this latest creation is just perfect.
2. Anthropologie candle. My friend's mum bought me one of these over a year ago, and it is only now just starting to run out. They give off the most delicious scent. I need to get another!
3. Anything by Eve Lom is special. My face could really do with a good moisturiser in this cold weather.
4. This rucksack is way too cool for school.
5. Pretty dress.
6. Love this poster.
7. These pretty balloon brooches make me feel like Spring is nearly here-it is, isn't it?!

Maria x

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