Friday, 8 February 2013

..... listening to Sweet Sweet Moon

Today has been a sweet day, a little reminder of how lucky I am! To be surrounded with amazing inspirational friends and sparky entertaining young people. To top it off I came home to the most amazingly tidy bedroom. Cleaned by my Sister who is down for the weekend! (She has 'monica' tendencies) And my best school friend and her beautiful new born baby girl, Aoife, were over for the afternoon.

So a Sweet day all round! Oh and not forgetting it's Friday!

So here is Sweet Sweet Moon, a duo of string players with a lead singer who just sings it out, arguably not always in tune! But I love their energy and beautiful string playing! Sweet Sweet Moon is the product of Austrian violinist and song writer Matthias Frey, his friend Toni Traubensaft sometimes assists him. I can't imagine what they would sound like live! Pretty Spectacular. My sister used to play the violin but it didn't sound like this!

Running Fast

Psalm for the Elks Lodge last Call 

My night with the Prostitute from Marseille

Have a great weekend! And thank you so much 
for reading our blog! 

Gem x

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