Monday, 25 February 2013

....feeding the birds

The nights are definitely getting brighter,  I am sat at my desk and listening to the birds still happily in great discussion, tweeting away in the tall tree opposite my window. It is still incredibly nippy though,  I am finding it hard to stop nibbling throughout the day. So just spare a thought for our feathered friends who are probably feeling pretty peckish to. Yesterday I went along to volunteer at one of the many RSPB events in Dorset. I would love to say that this crafty idea; Pine Cone Bird Feeders is one of mine, but no! This is what the children were making under the educated eye of SJ the events leader . Unfortunately I arrived to late to make one yesterday, so I thought I would have a go tonight!

What you need to make a few Pine Cone bird feeders is; 

Pine Cones
Bird Seed
Crushed Cornflakes / (Healthy non sugary cereal)
and Lots of lard!

Find the largest pine cones you can find, put near an open fire or on a radiator, 
so they will open up! 

Get all your stuff together - Once you crack open the lard you will soon be a greasy mess! 

I used 3/4s of the lard and added some old cornflakes I had lying around,  
Then add the seed and mix up

Tie string onto the pine cones before you fill them in with the delicious bird food! 
It's a bit messy and tricky if you try afterwards

Fill in all the gaps of the pine cones to create your own Bird Balls! 

Hang from a shrub or tree - Making sure it is high up so Foxes and Cats can't reach them! 
Squirrels are a different matter, if they want something they will find a way! 

I am sure the birds will be grateful for a beak full of lard and seeds! 

Have fun x

Here is some more advice from the RSPB website on how to look after and feed the birds in your garden!

I love this Feather Print from River Luna on Etsy!

Have a great week! 

Gem x

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