Saturday, 16 February 2013

.....recycling old frames for new art work!

I bought this lovely print by illustrator Ben Steers last Summer and it has been waiting for me to find a  frame ever since. By accident yesterday I found one, eyeing the mount up for size I realised it would be perfect for this happy ice cream seller! I love it when this happens, so I went running around the house looking for tape and scissors that always seem to run away as soon as you need them.

You can always find old frames in charity shops for pennies! Choose one with a mount 
as these can sometimes be more expensive than the frames themselves! 
Be careful when you unclip the holdings, I have broken so many glass panels in the past! 

make sure it is central in the frame

The original print was an historical / educational specimen
about the delivery of herbal medicine and it's benefits. 
If there is space I always like to put the original print at the back of the frame. 
I don't know why I do this! I guess I don't feel so bad for using its home, for the new print. 

I love the little slogan at the bottom; 'Hot Town Summer in the City! I instantly hear Joe Cocker howling out his bluesy number! It's really beginning to feel like's nearly here folks, just watch the snow drops blossom and the daffodils bloom!

I love Ben's illustrations, so much character! They remind me of books I read when I was little. 

Check his work out here 

I am also in love with the work of local Illustrator Nicholas John Frith

This Easter I'm going to swap an egg for a print! (ok I'll probably have both, greedy me) 

And just before going to bed tonight I discovered Christine Pym's Illustrations on pinterest and I laughed out loud at this little penguin! If I had kids, I am sure I would love their books more than they would! Sorry Maria, I'm beginning to think adult books are overrated! Your'll find me in the under 5 section of the bookshop, if these sweet images are anything to go by! 

I would love to hear about the illustrators / designers you like! All these illustrations have inspired me to 
get drawing! 

Have a great weekend!

Gem x

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