Saturday, 9 February 2013

...making cushion covers for the spare room

As some of you know, we are redecorating our spare room. I would like to have lots of brightly coloured and mismatching cushions on the bed, so got to work on making some this morning. Recently I bought a table cloth from a chazzer and decided to cut it up and make a cushion cover out of it. Here's how I did it;
  Here is a snapshot of the table cloth. As you can see it has the same flower image in each corner. 

 I cut them into quarters, measuring them against a cushion that I already have so that it would fit.

Next I cut out the back panel to back an 'envelope'. I got some material that I already had in my sewing bag, and measured it out so that it was nearly double the length of the front panel. I then cut that piece in half.

 I then hemmed one end of each panel.

 Then turned each piece right sides together, and sewed each piece on either edge.

 Then I pinned the three bits together on the other two sides, and machined along the last two edges.

 Here is the back of the cushion.

Here is the front! Not bad for £2.50! Now I just need to make three more. 

It's been a long time since I got my sewing on (I don't think I've had my machine out since the teepee!), and it felt good. More sewing posts to come soon I hope!

Maria x

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