Wednesday, 6 February 2013

..... Wishing for nice things! Gem's February wish list

1. I am loving reading Wildwood and will definitely be ordering the next book Under Wildwood  for my holidays! 
2. These gorgeous Welsh blankets from Jen-Jones, will have to stay on my wish list, unless I find one in a chazzer (I am always hopeful!)
3. Oh this hat = from all for everyone  
4. I love this happy strumming badger! Illustrated by local artist  Nicholas John Frith he looks so content. I will treat myself to a print soon! 
5. Foxy! Cushion by local crafters made by Swimmer! I have a little 
purse with an ice cream on it that I bought years ago, I love their  simple, cute designs!
6. Holiday - I cannot wait to be on holiday! 
7. Cannot get enough of this sweet hot drink, snuggled under a blanket reading Wildwood! 

I hope you like my Wish list ideas, 
I'll let you know if I resist purchasing all 7! 

Gem x   

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