Sunday, 24 February 2013

......making butterflies

On Friday afternoon, Gem and I had a fun couple of hours drinking tea, looking for inspiration and making paper butterflies. They are pretty easy to make (cutting the wings to an realistic looking butterfly shape was a little tricky though!), and I reckon we'll probably make some more-some Summer decorations perhaps? 

Tear out a page of an old magazine and fold the paper back and forth (like a concertina).We started off by tying some cotton around the middle, but it wasn't really strong enough.

Next we tried a thicker string and it seemed to work much better. As I mentioned, shaping the wings was the only bit that took a few goes to get right. Keep the top wing as wide and as pointy as you can, and make the lower one short and curved.

Our first attempts-not looking good!

Our best attempts! (apologies for wonky photo)

Not a bad way to use up some old magazines. The boy loved helping with it too (the folding bit rather than the cutting-obviously!), so it's a fun activity to try with kiddos. Have a go!


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