Sunday, 17 February 2013

...filling our house with handmade loveliness

It's been exactly a year since we moved into our very own home. We still have a little way to go to get it exactly how we want it (does anyone ever?!), and we are quite picky with how we decorate it. We decided not to rush, to live in it for a while and figure out how we use each room. That also meant not rushing out and buying furniture straight away. We wanted our house to evolve and gradually be filled with pretty things.

Luckily for us we have some very talented and crafty family members who have made us the most beautiful accessories for our home. Handmade things make us very happy. I thought I'd share some of our favourites with you.

The bunting above was made by my mother-in-law and me when I was pregnant. I spent a lovely weekend sewing and nesting with her a few weeks before the boy was born; the bunting reminds me of that happy time. The knitted bunting was made by my sister-in-law-a very creative knitter.

Above is a rag rug that my mother-in-law made for the little guy. Her creative skills know no bounds-there is nothing that this woman cannot make. Seriously.

One of the most beautiful items I own; a dressing gown handmade by another sister-in-law (I told you our family were a talented bunch). I was lucky to receive it for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love it so much.

This cushion is another item I treasure. My sister made it for us as a housewarming gift. She embroidered the lettering herself.

And the boy's favourites; his rag doll made by Granny (she also knitted him a matching jumper-there are no words), and quilt made by Aunty.

What a lucky little family we are!

What are your favourite handmade items?

Maria x

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