Friday, 1 February 2013

...wearing vintage clothes

So, it's the final day of our 'wear second hand clothes for a week' challenge. It has been fun! I think we may do more clothes-based posts again. What do you think?

Anyway-here's a little word from Gem about her special jumper;

This is by far my favourite woolly jumper womble find of this year. I set eyes on this amazing number lying abandoned on the sale floor of Urban Outfitters! I darted on it like a leopard and have not really taken it off since. It is from the second hand urban renewal range, I wonder who loved it before me? I am over the moon that they decided they didn't want it anymore!

...and this is what I wore to playgroup today! (Sorry-pics are a bit blurry)

The skirt is from Clobber, and the shoes are a recent charity shop find. However, I do think they are a little bit big, so will probably be passed on to my sister (lucky her!).

Tonight's Supper Club-yippee! Hope you all have a lovely Friday night.

Maria x

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