Thursday, 28 February 2013

...making our favourite cosy evening snack

The husband is good at making cosy evening snacks. He made me my favourite tonight; grilled halloumi and avocado stuffed pittas with hot sauce. Mmmmmmm. I tried to take some photos but it just ended up looking like a kebab! Not very appetising. The avocado looks pretty though...

The recipe is very simple; slice your halloumi quite thickly, and then griddle it on both sides. Toast your pitta, and then stuff it with the halloumi and avocado, and then add the hot sauce to finish.

We have a little obsession with hot sauce in this house. Our collection has grown significantly recently. So tonight I decided to line them all up and take a photo of our little army.

Love the hot sauce.

Maria x

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  1. That is an impressive collection of hot stuff!
    Cara x