Monday, 11 February 2013

...thinking of dying my hair red/ginger

Is it wrong to covet your son's hair?

My son has the most beautiful red, curly locks. It is such a rich colour and texture; it looks different colours in different lights. His curls are so ringlety that they hang like little sausages. He has only had one haircut in his two and a half years, and my hairdresser is still upset with me about asking him to do it. Everywhere we go people-strangers stop to admire it. Damn, I wish I had his hair-it's totally wasted on a two year old boy.

So, I have an appointment booked at the hairdressers this Thursday, and I am thinking of taking the plunge and dying my greying/dark brown hair red. I already have the pale, celtic complexion for it, so I think it could work.

Other than my son, I found some other inspiration...

Very red, and very pale. Love it Florence!


A more ginger tone. Loving red hair and red lipstick.


Christina-flying the flag for red-heads. So foxy.




A true ginger hippy. Love it.


So, what do you think? Should I do it?!

Maria x

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