Thursday, 14 February 2013

....wishing you all a happy valentines day!

Okay Valentines Day does keep moonpig, and card shops in business this sleepy time of year and helps high street shops sell a few chocs and fluffy pink bears, but is this really a bad thing! I just find it all quite funny really. My favourite gifts have been those that have been home made or really thoughtful, just showing someone you love them speaks more than anything!

These little origami hearts are inspired by Maria's friend Cara, Maria has them in her kitchen and I really loved them when I went over for coffee in the summer time. We were planning on making these little hearts with friends at lunch. But had one of those days!

I used  origami paper from Muji
String - RE

1. Fold little square so you have a cross fold
2. Fold the bottom half to the middle
3. Then fold in the bottom corner sides
4. Flip over and fold those folds on the other side
5. Flip back to original side
6. Fold in top sides to the centre
7. They are springy hold with finger
8. Then fold in the corners to the middle
9. Trickiest bit fold so points meet just about point to point
10. Tuck in the top point into the envelope and turn in top tiny corners on both sides

Turn Over and Whaalaa! Your very own little heart! 

Make a few more to make a little garland! 

 Moomin love xx

Cinema is one of my greatest loves so here are a few of my most favourite  romantic moments;

Amelie - last scene

Blue Valentine 

This is my favourite clip!

Ellie & Carl's relationship from the start!

It's a wonderful life - James Stuart

A very long engagement - End scene

Maria's Favourite
Breakfast at Tiffany's (I need to see this film again!) 

Almost Famous - What kind of Beer? 
I think most girls would fall for bad boy  'Russel'

The Great Gatsby
Jay and Daisy reunited
A fave of mine and my mums - Robert Redford! 

The Graduate - Dads Favourite! 

Love, Love, Love

Love is all you need! (cake & cash sadly do help sometimes to) although money can't by you love!

I'll stop now! Have a great evening!

Gem x 

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