Friday, 1 March 2013

Wishing you all a Happy St David's Day

 Happy St David's Day! 

What a funny coincidence that last night all I could think about were summer holiday's in Wales at Angle Farm at the very tip of the beautiful Pembrokeshire coastline. And today it is St David's day, I am not Welsh or even half Welsh but I feel that I should be (oh mum's just told me I am a quarter Welsh) Hooray!

My childhood summers were spent in Wales with my mum's extended family, we would rent a wing of a Farm house in Angle. That farm house was a wild house full of odd antiques and strange collections such as a pickled adders and birds eggs. The Dining room had a grand table and  musty chairs with springs that would threaten to protrude into your bottom! We would pretend to be at a concert while we banged on the out of tune upright piano it's yellowing keys sticking at every other note, before a bellowing mum or dad encouraged us to maybe explore outside. The kitchen was full of old china (I need to go back!!!) and always smelled of figs and the farm. We chased around that house like wild scavengers, sand bouncing from the creaking floor boards, playing endless games of hide and seek and ' forty forty in', the perimeter being the village. Down the track past the castle ruin was a little park with the best" roundybout" you could ever imagine. We spent many hours sat on the bridge crabbing; the funnest evenings were at high tide, we would sit on the bridge and wait for the tide to come right up to our ankles. Evenings were long and lazy with the frequent walk to the Point House for a pint of Prawns and a panda pop followed by a  skimming stone competition from the Jetty.

Angle Farm & Great Auntie Nancy's Court yard

Early summer evening shananigans

Frequent walks in the Lily Ponds to Broad Haven

Feeding the Lambs

I have always loved the beach

Fun Days

I made a Joke to my brother & Sister and cousins that maybe a pilgrimage to Angle is well over due! Many generations of our family have enjoyed living and holidaying around this amazing part of the world. Maybe that is why I feel so at home there.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

nos da! 

Gem x

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