Sunday, 24 March 2013

....making bunny bread (trying to)

It has been sooo cold this weekend it feels like we are going back into Winter. But it has been lovely, catching up with friends, trying on bridesmaid dresses and going to a friends gig. To finish of a great weekend, I thought I would enter the Easter spirit and have a go at making some Bunny Bread.

I pinned this on my pinterest board months ago with the mission of one day making one! The recipe and details can be found on this brilliant website  'serious eats'

Perfect Bunny (image from Seriouseats) 

Mine is resting for a while but it does not look as perfect as this bun! 

You will need 

Bread Flour 
Olive Oil 
(And some good arms for kneading) 

I won't talk you through the recipe as it is on the above link. But here are some photos; 

Bubbling yeast 

Add oil and Salt 

Knead and rest 


Knead and Shape 

Cutting for bunny parts (haha) 

Looking like a pretty flat bunny! This could be a pinterest disaster!

YEPPPPPPPPPP! (So funny!) 


 Pinterest disaster! Haha mine looked more like a turtle! Or rabbit Road kill! Oh well.. hopefully it will taste good! 

Have a great week! 

Gem x


  1. This blog post is fab - pinterest does this to all of us! I fail on the 'craft' pins regularly!

    1. BTW love your blog & shop must come for a womble soon! :)

  2. Awe thanks Nicki that's made me feel better! ;) the good news is the bunny/turtle loaf was edible and made good soldiers for my dippy egg dinner! x