Saturday, 9 March 2013

...potty training!

Yesterday was Day 1 of potty training. I have to admit, I was pretty scared. So I made sure I was well prepared with a bumper sized pack of pants, plenty of jogging bottoms, and chocolate buttons. I was also ready to have a low key day with crafting at home, with a short visit to the library.
I am pleased to report that it all went well-we survived! The boy only had two accidents, and was super keen to sit on his potty and do his business for a chocolate button (anything for chocolate-like mother, like son).

 He wanted to make butterflies...

...and monsters!

Some playdough fun

The reward; one for a wee, two for a poo!

Clean pants drying ready for round two tomorrow!
I am a very proud mumma.

Maria x

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