Wednesday, 20 March 2013

.... mid week inspiration

It is a really busy time at work at the moment, and I am really finding that there just isn't enough time in the week to cram in all the creative activities I'd like to do.  So I have been cheering myself up and finding all sorts of inspiration whilst lying on the sofa relaxing!

Here are my most recent creative stumbles and discoveries;

My sister sent me this link very late last week, with this simple message;
"Check out this video on YouTube:
You will love her Breton tops & her videos xxxx

I really like the simple concept and the mixed media of live action and animation  -maia vidal is a new favourite! I love finding new music and artists. (Send them my way if you have any new favourites!)

Another project that I have been following is the online photography project 'you are my wild' where keen photographers have been chosen to document their families every day lives. The portraits are heart warming and moving. I hope to capture the spirit of this project one day when I have a family of my own! House of Habit are a huge favourite, these lovely photographs have been captured by Jessica Krauss who lives in Carona CA, her blog is amazing check it out here! houseofhabit

Sometimes my imagination is sparked when I least expect it to be, I found this on a tired morning just before work and I was mesmerised! It's incredible how skilled people can be! This is my mission - Clay Light house!

Looking forward to spring to finally arrive and for longer evenings for daydreaming and making!

Gem x

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