Tuesday, 19 March 2013

...reading new books with the little fella

Some of our dearest friends came to stay last weekend. They showered us with generous gifts of chocolates, bubbles, a bag of storybooks, flowers, and even eggs freshly laid from their chickens. We were spoilt rotten.
Our favourite of all the books is the delightful 'Hooray for Bread' by Allan Ahlberg and Bruce Ingman . It tells the story of a loaf of bread from being baked in the oven, to being made into sandwiches for lunch, to crumbs and leftovers being fed to the birds. The boy loves it not only because of the beautiful illustrations and the catchy, memorable rhyme, but because it reminds him of his 'Poppy' (my dad), who bakes the most delicious bread.

You can read about my dad's bread here, and about other storybooks we love here.
Happy reading!
Maria x

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