Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Developing black and white film

It has been years since I have developed my own films, I have really missed the passion that I used to have for black and white photography. I was really into it around 10 years ago. Perhaps I had more spare time then? Dusty rolls of film have been waiting to be developed on my shelf for a long while. So I made a rash purchase on amazon and bought myself a changing bag, and the necessary chemicals.

It is so fun! It's really exciting in a nerdy way - Digital photography just doesn't have this level of anticipation!

The first challenge is remembering to pack your changing bag with everything you need;

Scissors (small)
bottle opener (to open film canister)
Film Reel
(cup of tea) You should always drink tea as you work!

That funny looking black T-shirt thing is the changing bag - It has two layers, to make sure that no light gets in. On the flat large bottom side there is a zip, where you can put all your items in, and then you put your hands in the sleeves.

Your next challenge is finding all of these item, and opening the film canister and loading it ontothe reel and putting it into the tank all in the dark.

My notes
It takes a bit of maths and getting familiar with your ml to work out the mixing process of the chemicals. 

Once you have your film reel safe in the tank it's time to get developing. 

This is the order of the b&w process
* Stop bath/ Wash - I just use running water
* Fixer 

There is quite a lot of careful timing involved (for a range of films and chemicals)  I used this link! 

Timing for each process - I used 8.5 minutes for the Developer ( I added a few more minutes as our bathroom is quite  cold - The chemicals like a warm temperature (pref 20oc) and work slower if cold. 

As soon as I put the developer in the tank I agitated my tank 4 times, slowly turning it upside down to let all the air bubbles out. Once every minute I repeated this. 

Then I Poured the developer away and washed the Tank with running water - KEEP lid on! 

When I was satisfied it was clear of developing solution I rinsed the tank out

Then I poured in the Fixer - knock the bottom of the Tank to release the air bubbles - Fix is quicker and only takes 3 minutes - I agitated every 30 seconds, as suggested. 

After 3 minutes or as directed, pour the fixer away and wash for a good 3 mins, 
you can keep the tank under a smooth running tap. 

Then comes the most exciting bit - Opening the tank and seeing if you have some images on your reel! 
I didn't have a squiddgy so used my fingers, gently wipe of any water droplets and hang your negatives to dry in a warm dust free room. 

I was so excited when I discovered one of my old films was from my Fish Eye Lomo Camera! 

I will upload my photographs on Thursday, Have a go you will love it!

I am well and truly addicted! 

gem x

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