Wednesday, 6 March 2013 the Primrose Pantry Cupcake finishing school

On Sunday my sister and I spent a day playing with icing. For our 30th Birthday my Brother had kindly bought us a days workshop at the Primrose Pantry - A Cupcake finishing school in Bristol, learning how to decorate cakes with the lovely Niki. You may be thinking how can you spend a whole day basically playing with sugar? The hours whizzed by as we rolled out lots of icing and learnt lots of different techniques. I really didn't think that I would be able to recreate the beautifully presented cup cakes that Niki had made the night before. We started of by learning all about the different types of icing and moulds and cutters. We were shown bit by bit, so it wasn't too much to take in. Throughout the day we learnt how to make the separate decorations such as making the roses. This was really fun but fiddly, not to easy on a hangover but I will definitely be blogging posts on my future creations. My favourite part was probably building and icing the cupcakes and seeing my tray finally come together.  It was a great day with a scrummy lunch and delicious cakes provided by the cafe Tarte. I would highly recommend this workshop, it would make a perfect Hen Do or birthday present. And at the end of the day you get to take all of your cakes home and eat them!

Look at those colours! 

My Tray of iced flowers and leaves 

My sister really concentrating on her petals  

Finished Large roses - But still lots to do! 

All of the groups roses

Not so perfect bunting 

Finishing touches 

My finished Box of delicious Cupcakes

Details! If you want to have a go to! x

Little Owl is overwhelmed by all the cake in front of him! 

I was pretty happy about the end results, 

Thanks again - Primrose Pantry!  

I would love to know about your top baking tips! x

Gem x

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