Friday, 22 March 2013

...... collecting and listening to Vinyl

This time of year, on a Friday I am usually planning with friends which car boot we are going to hit for a good old womble. But unfortunately England is being hit by some typically wet and cold weather. So my car booting urges are going to have to wait. I am usually looking out for old cameras, old books, hand knitted blankets (Any blankets) and always on the search for some good quality Vinyl. I've been pretty lucky so far! My mum and dad have a big collection of Bob Dylan but I'm not allowed to have them as they are still huge favourites. I've yet to pick up any of his Albums at a good price, perhaps everyone knows the value of his voice sounding through their speakers. I am also on the look out for the Grateful Dead, but these are also proving hard to find! So until the sun comes out I'm just going to have to enjoy my lot. I'm hoping the music will be a good pick me up, it's hard to keep happy when the wind and rain is beating at your windows or in fact dripping from your ceiling onto your bed as it was last night! These famous lyrics  come to my mind lately;

"On a cold and frosty morning,

Wipe my eyes and stop me yawning.
And my feet are nearly frozen,
Boil the tea and put some toast on"

These are some of my favourites LP's:

Maybe a wet Sunday won't be so bad after all! 

As if the music wasn't enough, you also take home some of the most lovely cover work. Worthy of a few pound in itself I think. I was so pleased when I got the Sgt Pepper Beatles Album for only £2.50. 

But I always find it is the inside pockets and covers that are always the best surprises! 


Work it Lionel!!

I love these sleeve cover from Fleetwood Mac - Rumours

Have a great weekend!

Gem x

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