Monday, 11 March 2013

...potting succulents and cacti

The boy and I have been hanging out at home a little bit more than usual these past few days due to the potty training. I have been trying to think of a variety of indoor activities we can have to keep him entertained whilst being close to the loo. So, at the weekend I bought a selection of little succulents and cacti for us to plant. We had a lovely time potting these babies this afternoon. Don't get me wrong, my fingers are no where near green, but I do have a very knowledgeable mother-in-law who talked me through how to replant correctly. Here's what you do:

1. Line the bottom of the pots with tin foil. This means that when you water them it wont leak out the bottom.
2. Put a little bit of Cacti Compost in the bottom of the pot.
3. Then take your plant out of its plastic pot carefully. You want it to come out as whole as possible so that you don't damage the roots.

4. Then put it in the pot and fill around the sides with more compost and pat it in tightly.
5. And you are done! I am going to display mine in little groups I think. Apparently these plants are really easy to look after (they only need watering once a week at most), so they've got a good chance of survival in this house.

Have you done any planting recently?

Maria x

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