Sunday, 10 March 2013

..... learning from my own mistakes

This is a lesson that we should always listen to our mums! I made a big mistake in the shape of washing today. It has been quite a busy weekend with friends birthdays and my sister down. So I did not see my fatal mistake until this afternoon. To my horror and to my sisters hysterical laughter -  I have shrunken one of my favourite hand knitted sailor jumpers! The real pain is that it won't even fit a baby as the wool has meshed together. I might have to make some gloves instead!

It even says Hand Wash With care! Aaaaaaaah 

Just as well blue is my favourite colour; The flower top was once white, my cream top is now a new shade of dirty blue, and my cardigan lace is now grey! 

So my lesson learnt on this appropriate mothers day is; mums are always right! Split your washes, don't cut corners and always check your labels! 

gem x

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